Aerial view of the architectural projection of the new La Varizelle shopping center

Groupe Pegasus is fast at work at completing their latest project, a dynamic new shopping plaza that will help awaken a quaint sleepy town nestled in the heart of France. It will debut in La Varizelle, an area located in the central French city of Saint Chamond. The details of this project have been featured last week in Le Progrès, the regional daily news outlet of the neighboring metropolitan area, Lyon.

Front page of Le Progrès featuring the Pegasus real estate project

This is a large project that will have real impact on the people of Saint Chamond. The majority of these people leave the area and go elsewhere for shopping and entertainment. This project is part of recently-elected Saint Chamond mayor, Hervé Reynaud’s plan to stop this outward commercial flow. With this new centrally located shopping plaza, (and a new sports hall coming in right next door) locals can enjoy a pleasant outing in their own city.

Shopping Plaza Features

The brands incorporated into this center will ensure that customers will have all their shopping needs met in one place.

When shoppers get hungry and want to grab a quick bite to eat, they won’t have to look far.

There will be many other eco-friendly features around the site.

And with more retailers come more jobs. So, people will have more opportunities to make money as well as spend it.

The shopping center is scheduled to make its grand opening on September 30th, 2021. 

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