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12 Novembre 2021

Immobilier : vers un record de ventes pour 2021?

Avec des taux attractifs et une forte appétence pour la pierre, l’activité du marché est au plus haut mais attention aux risques de fractures avec des prix qui s’envolent dans certaines villes moyennes.

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21 Octobre 2021

Is The U.S. In Another Housing Bubble?

Thinking about buying a property? Now might be the right time. The U.S. housing market has been an unlikely beneficiary from the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information, watch the video from CNBC.

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1 Octobre 2021

Appartements, maisons : quels sont les prix dans les villes de la région Occitanie ?

Le Figaro publié, en cette fin septembre 2021, un classement basé sur le prix des notaires dans près de 500 villes de France. La tendance est sans appel : entre 2020 et 2021, le prix de l’immobilier a connu une très large hausse, en France.

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17 Septembre 2021

Depuis la Crise, Que Cherchent les Français en Matière d'Immobilier?

La crise sanitaire a bel et bien des effets durables sur les envies des Français en matière d’immobilier. Groupe SeLoger a compilé ses dernières études pour définir le plus précisément possible ces envies immobilières.

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10 Septembre 2021

Ces Zones Rurales Où les Prix Flambent le Plus Vite Depuis Un An

Ce ne sont plus les grandes villes qui tirent les prix de l’immobilier vers le haut depuis un an, mais bien les zones rurales. Voici précisément dans quels territoires cette tendance est la plus marquée.

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18 Août 2021

Home Prices Can't Go Straight Up Forever. But This Probably isn't a Bubble

Despite the housing market being even hotter than before the Great Recession in many ways, the risk of it turning into a bubble is much lower. Check out why in this article from CNN.

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4 Août 2021

Texas Outshines Arizona, All Other States, in Luring California Headquarters Relocations

See why Texas is the state that is by far attracting the most businesses leaving California, with Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin leading the charge.

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23 Juillet 2021

Departmental House Prices in France 2020

The notaires have recently published house price figures for 2020, for each department of France, including most recently, departmental house prices.

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2 Juillet 2021

Coldwell Banker CEO Says Investors Snatching Up Homes is Not a Driving Force in Hot Housing Market

Check out why you should be watching investor home purchases, but not be too concerned about them in this recent article from CNBC.

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18 Juin 2021

Commercial Real Estate Industry Optimism on the Rise

Surveys from a trio of prominent commercial real estate industry groups predict a surge in activity for balance of this year and 2022. Read more in this article from the Business Observer.

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11 Juin 2021

Southern California Home Prices Jump 20% in April, Knocking Down Another Record

See why Southern California home prices are at an all-time high and why the hot real estate market has gotten even hotter in this article from the Los Angeles Times.

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19 Mai 2021

The European Perspective: Impact of Brexit on Real Estate

A deal has now been struck and the UK and the EU are turning their attention to the transition process. Read more about the impact of Brexit on real estate in this article from Lexology.

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12 Mai 2021

Economic Experts Predict Uptick In Commercial Real Estate Activity In 2021

See why a commercial economic boom with rises in occupancy across all commercial property types may be on the horizon in this recent article from National Mortgage Professional.

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1 Mai 2021

Southern California's Home Prices Are Still Rising By Double Digits

See why Southern California’s pandemic real estate market remains ahead of the curve as home sales in the region rose by double digits for the eighth straight month in March.

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12 Avril 2021

Check Out the Survey We Used in the Latest Edition of Our Monthly Newsletter

If you haven’t already read our April newsletter, click here. And for more info, check out this survey from the National Association of REALTORS®.

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11 Avril 2021

Here's How Top Real Estate Brokers Close Deals in California's Top Markets

See what insights two top brokers from the competitive San Francisco and Napa Valley markets share in this article.

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9 Avril 2021

Is Southern California Still Attractive to Real Estate Investors?

If you’re considering buying or selling real estate in Southern California, read this article first.

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