A view of the progress on the new spacious green district.

Pegasus is working on a new green district near the Sires de Faucigny castle, in the south-eastern  French region of Bonneville. D2P, a subsidiary of Pegasus, is the land development company in charge of developing the new district. The details of this project were featured in the region’s local journal, Le Messager, last month.This district is being built with the goal of revitalizing Bonneville’s image. The aim is to enhance and modernize Bonneville’s already picturesque and quaint charm. This new eco-district will give new life to the city center, with a large emphasis placed on environmental quality.

This project has been underway since it was first approved by the city council in 2011. Ten years later, behind schedule due to delays caused by such factors such as COVID,  all of the time, hard work, and attention to detail has paid off. 

Eco-district Features


The district spans 18,000 m² all together. 6,800 m² of the surface area are devoted to flowery and wooded areas and to an ornamental pond. Stéphane Valli, president of the CCFG (Community of Communes Faucigny Glières) said, “The site proudly incorporates green spaces. It could even accommodate an apiary.” Habitat and sustainable environment go hand in hand in the construction of this district. This involves the choice of construction materials, the insulation of buildings, and even the management of storm water in order to avoid the risk of soil pollution.

The development of the outdoor spaces is still underway. The mayor of Bonneville explained, “Planting will take place in the spring, which will allow the panels that are currently blocking the view to be permanently removed. Passers-by will then be able to cross right through the eco-district.”


The cinema of Bonneville, Ciné Château, is remaining in place, but getting a makeover to refine its image to match its revamped surroundings. It is entering its last month of work. “The public will benefit from all the latest technological innovations in terms of image and sound, whether with 4K Laser or Dolby Atmos,” Adrien Baud, operator of Ciné Château confirmed, “The same goes in terms of comfort. The great hall, for example, will have a giant 18-meter screen at the base and reclining leather armchairs.“

A novelty that modernizes this cinema is the  convenient option of reserving a seat online. Another interesting feature is that in addition to a program catered to the general public, it will also showcase arthouse films created by local students. This is thanks to a partnership established with the adult education center of Bonneville. Those who want to have an outing of dinner and a movie can head to the terraced cafe next to the entrance of the cinema.


Besides the cinema, nearly 200 housing units are planned on the site. 78%  are allotted for home ownership, 11% for social rental, and 11% for social housing. Around a hundred housing units, has been reserved for the seniors’ residence built by the developer Pichet.  Its role is to play on social diversity, by welcoming both the elderly and the young. It is a great success, because it’s now almost full. The lot includes 70 apartments. Three or four businesses could be set up on the ground floor.


BioFrais, the organic supermarket similar to Whole Foods, was the first brand to open its doors on the site. With a surface area of nearly 1,000 m², it offers only organic products. It is not a national brand, but a family business. Also, this BioFrais store will soon be supplemented by a bakery which will only offer organic breads and pastries. “This is a new concept that the owner came up with and we are proud that he chose Bonneville to launch this new form of baking,” said Stéphane Valli.

Finance and Medicine

The Bonneville public finance department is also relocating to the green district. They are in the process of becoming established in their new location, and should be fully settled in by the end of March or beginning of April. Their building will also be shared with the local mental health establishment. A medical center will also be located next to the premises.

To break down the layout of the green district in numbers:

– 11,000 m² of new housing

– 3,000 m² of offices

– 2,000 m² of food surfaces

– 140 parking spaces, including a hundred in the basement

– 2,600 m² of cinema (650 seats) and restaurant

– 6,800 m² of green spaces

The article detailing the green district featured in French in Le Messager.

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